1st day as an English Teacher aids young English Teachers. It provides teaching material as well as tips to young instructors. The blog constitutes a communication platform which facilitates the exchange of teaching experiences among teachers of English language.


  • Classroom Management Strategies To Take Control Of Noisy Students (video)
  • Teaching Tips for Children with Asperger's (video)
  • Teaching Tips 1: Using Songs in the Classroom (video)
  • Teaching Tips 2: Using Flashcards in the Classroom (video)
  • Teaching Tips 3: Questions that get students thinking (video)
  • Teaching Tips 4: Classroom Management (video)
  • Teaching Special Needs Children : Teaching Students With Dyslexia (video)
  •  Teaching Special Needs Children : Preschool Teaching Ideas for Shapes (video)
  •  Classroom management strategies - 5 classroom management strategies to get student attention (video)
  • Student Engagement And Motivation Tips - HOW to engage your students (video)
  •  Ideas for using flashcards (video)  
  •  Using puppets and flashcards to get children talking in English (video
  •  Elementary Education : How to Identify Learning Disabilities in Children (video
  •  Elementary Education : How to Help Kids Learn to Tell Time (video) 
  •  Elementary Education : How to Practice Reading Comprehension Skills (video)
  •  Elementary Education : How to Teach Remedial Reading (video)   

  •  Beginning the Year in a Preschool Classroom (video)
  •  Make the Most of Every Minute in Your Preschool Program (video)
  •  Ideas for practising grammar (video)
  •  Strategies for Teaching Reading 2: Dealing with Unknown Vocabulary in a Text (video)
  • Jean Glasberg Teaching Young Learners Tip#1: Choosing Stories for Young Learners (video)
  • Jean Glasberg Teaching Young Learners Tip #2: Choosing Non-Fiction for Young Learners (video)
  • Teaching Young Learners Tip #3: Using Illustrations (video)
  • Jean Glasberg Teaching Young Learners Tip #4: Introducing a Story to Young Children (video)
  • Teaching Young Learners Tip #6: Adapting activities for mixed ability classes (video)
  • ADHD Classroom Strategies (video)
  • How Can a Teacher Teach Phonics to Young Children? (video)
  • How to Teach Vowel Sounds to Kindergartners (video)
  • TESL - Ice breakers (video)
  • Introduction/Icebreaker Activities (video)
  • What are App Flows? (video)
  • App Flow In Action (video)
  • Anticipation Guide (video)
  • Jigsaw (video)
  • Strategies for Reading Aloud to Young Children (video)
  • Settling and transition activities (video)

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